History Edit

Nightfall started off as a pack called Sunset Werewolf Pack, which was founded in late 2011. Sunset Werewolf Pack lived in the northern wilds, near Wugachug. The pack remained small (around 30-40 members) and disbanded a few months after being created; Rhea wanted to create a better, stronger pack. Thus, Nightfall was established in early October 2012 and quickly rose to power around Halloween. The name Nightfall originated from Sunset Pack, because nightfall has the same meaning as sunset, but sounded darker in Rhea's opinion. The pack was created and is still led by Astríd (Rhea).

Nightfall moved territories between Snowhill, Northern Wilds, and Briarwood; seeking a more secluded territory, and they finally settled in Briarwood to stay. Nightfall has always been a shady group, keeping themselves away from other packs or clans, and did not seek to gain any further territory despite their strength. Nightfall wolves were trained mainly how to fight using guerrilla tactics, and to use stealth as their number one defense.

They served in the Wolf Empire, but left after it became oppressive and power hungry. Soon after the Empire's fall, the Wolf Republic rose. It was not oppressive like the Wolf Empire. Nightfall was one of the founding packs in the Republic, and also was one of the founding packs of the well known Wolf Code. Nightfall helped the Republic with their feats.