Ranks: Highest to Lowest in Power Edit

Alpha (Leader) Edit

The Alpha of Nightfall has all control over the pack and it's members. The Alpha makes all choices for the pack and are the most respected members of the pack. The Alpha is also responsible for leading the pack into battle, deciding territory, and ensuring the safety and well-being of every member.

Beta (Officer) Edit

Betas are second in command. The main job of a beta is to enforce pack law/code and to make sure the pack follows the Alpha's given orders. Betas are also responsible for controlling/leading the pack during the Alpha's absence. Betas must be prepared at all times to preform tasks such as speaking at gatherings, meetings etc. Betas can contact the Alpha easily, even if she is offline. Betas also ensure the pack's safety by organizing patrol/hunting groups, etc.

Subordinate (Member) Edit

Subordinates are the majority of the pack; they are warriors, hunters, guards, gatherers, and more. They are the flesh and blood of the pack and are key to the pack's survival. Subordinates are trained by the betas.

Omega (Recruit) Edit

Omega is the default rank, or recruit rank that new members will be. Omegas can become a Subordinate by being in the pack for several days, being active, attending training, and proving their loyalty.